Friday, April 22, 2011

Rachel's Photo Shoot!

I am so thankful for the friends I have through my church family. I don't know how people make it as "lone rangers", because I am so comforted by the fellowship I have with the people from our church! That is a side note, but the point being that I am so thankful to my friend Jessica, who so graciously volunteered (okay, more like said yes to my shameless pleading) to take senior pictures of Rachel. Besides the prices of professional photographers being out of my league, I have a beef with the policies most of them have about releasing your digital photos to you (after that high price tag!)...but most importantly, I know Jessica is very talented and has such a great eye for catching the right snapshot. She generously spent all afternoon with us, patiently working with us Hollinheads, who have absolutely no flair for displaying a natural "moment"...we are so happy and here are just a few (randomly chosen) of the many, many great shots! Thank you SO much Jessica!


  1. OK, so I just realized that these are the pictures from my own camera, you can tell by the graininess, but you get the general "feel" of the day!

  2. ha ha...I was going to say I didn't recognize any of those!! BUT....they are GREAT. You have a great eye for photography Mary1 You should have taken them!! But I'm glad you let me because I had a blast! I just love your family!