Saturday, April 24, 2010

Looking Back on Easter

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted anything! My computer is not being very cooperative with photos lately, and it is giving me fits! I did want to put up a little something about Easter, though. We did try a few of the ideas in the link I posted earlier, and some were great while some were duds! I think the only two things I got pictures of, though, were the Resurrection crescent rolls (great!) and the natural egg dyes (fun, but DUD).
All three of the kids were genuinely, truly surprised and perplexed that the marshmellow (symbolically Jesus) that they had wrapped up in the crescent roll (symbolically the tomb) had completely disappeared when the rolls came out of the oven. In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, I have to admit that I forced them to "re-enact" their reactions for the camera, but they were truly surprised! This is just what I was hoping for, a tiny measure of the astonishment that Mary and the other woman must have felt as they saw the empty tomb!
The natural egg dyes...the reason that I labeled this a dud is because in order to get the eggs to be colorful I had to sneak in very artificial food coloring while the kids were looking the other way! Most of the eggs were still white after 30 minutes of soaking. The only ones that turned out were the ones colored with turmeric (the yellow ones), they are "au naturel".
As you can see, I still cannot seem to figure out how to get the pictures *where* I want them on here, so they are all just thrown on here. Maybe one of my long-time blogging friends can help me with that? Anyways, there is a little bit of our Easter!