Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My little seamstress

Irene really loves to sew. I, however, am really not very good at sewing so I always groan a little when she asks if she can sew. To her, up until now, sewing has just meant making designs with yarn on those plastic embroidery fabric thingies, but when she saw me getting out a needle and fabric because I needed to make a couple of bean bags for an activity at VBS, she was right there. I ended up showing her a basic stitch and letting her go to town on it, her very first "real" sewing project.

So, South Point kids, your beanbag activities this year came courtesy of my little seamstress! Voila!

Uncle Joe & Brad come to town!

My brother Joe and (his son) Brad came to visit us, late in June, too. Actually it was the same day that Hannah & Grant were here, so they met some of my family! They probably wondered what in the world was going on, the Moore family gatherings are always a little on the boisterous side, but they seemed pretty fine with it. Makes me wonder if their family has a boisterous crowd, too?

Joe has always had a way with my kids. Even as babies, they have all just always loved Uncle Joe. (Matthew has always looked up to Brad...and he couldn't have picked a better guy!) Abbie took this picture of Uncle Joe.

And then they started taking pictures of each other. If you wonder how long this went on, it was quite a while.... We had a great time with them, they had to go too soon!

Good friends, good times...

I am woefully, pitifully behind on getting anything put on my blog. These pictures were taken in late June, when Irene and Abbie had their friends Hannah & Grant over to swim, play and eat a pb & j. Seriously, good times!
(It was so hot & humid out the lens kept fogging up, that's why everyone has that angelic glow!)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Powertime Camp

Rachel & Matthew were so excited to be able to go to Powertime summer camp in South Carolina this year. They had a blast! I would like to think that they missed us and were ready to come home by the time we picked them up, because I know their little sisters were ready for them to come home!

Matthew's primary focus as he retold the events of the week were the recurring theme of hanging out with his awesome counselor, fun times on the "Blob", and the fact that he was the only camper not afraid of the driver of the boat that pulled the tube for the non-stop tubing action ("Dr. Death", aka Tom). Sorry for that horrible run-on sentence.

This was Rachel's last year to be able to go, and it was very important to her to be able to go and say goodbye to some friends. Truthfully, this was the biggest reason for making the decision to send them. As it turned out, none of Rachel's old friends were able to come, so it turned into a growing and s t r e t c h i n g experience for her. I believe that she still had a great time, and God helped her work through some things that had been weighing her down. It was definitely time well spent for her.

I love moments like the one in the picture below...taken before the bickering ensued over which one of them was going to listen to stories first on *my* iPod shuffle, and who should get the back seat, and everyone started moaning "I'm hot...", or "I'm hungry"... It is one of those rare moments when you know that your kids are truly, genuinely thrilled to see and hug each other. But all good things on earth must end (5 seconds later), so we get in the car to finish the road trip...

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