Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My little seamstress

Irene really loves to sew. I, however, am really not very good at sewing so I always groan a little when she asks if she can sew. To her, up until now, sewing has just meant making designs with yarn on those plastic embroidery fabric thingies, but when she saw me getting out a needle and fabric because I needed to make a couple of bean bags for an activity at VBS, she was right there. I ended up showing her a basic stitch and letting her go to town on it, her very first "real" sewing project.

So, South Point kids, your beanbag activities this year came courtesy of my little seamstress! Voila!


  1. she is just too cute! I can totally see her being a little mommy one day! Maybe she can teach me some of her sewing tricks!! :)

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  3. I think she did a fabulous job! So glad you are starting her early! I didn't learn until I was all grown up.