Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear Diary...

"Dear Diary, it's been 2 weeks since I wrote in here, I promise to get better about this...." blah blah blah.....falling so far behind on getting pictures up reminds me of all the years in high school and beyond that I tried to keep a diary and never had much success. Wasn't that my New Year's Resolution? Or was it that I wasn't going to beat myself up when I didn't get them up? Either way, I have broken it on both counts! So I'm going to catch you up on the end of March and early April, minus a few things that still deserve their own post which I will (hopefully) get to soon!!!!

A walk in the evening, looking at all of the newly blooming trees and flowers...

Abbie and Irene paint some masterpieces:

Some great bubble blowing, thanks to Lucy's mama, Ms Kelly ! Lucy turned four and had the sweetest, cutest fairy birthday party ever, and gave the girls these bubbles as they left...

And last but not least, just a typical Tuesday (anyday) morning: what you see is how it really is in the trenches, complete with coffee, coupons, math blocks, gross dog bowls and, as you can see, Irene is the only one doing her schoolwork. Thank the Lord that I have one that likes to learn or else it would be tough to keep going!!

You may wonder to yourself why on earth would Mary put up pictures that reveal her home in such a state of disgrace? I looked at the table and saw that what happened to be on there at that particular moment spoke a lot about who we are at this point in our family's life, so I foolishly snapped the picture and then realized once I saw it what a wreck the house was. Oh well, as my friend Jessica says, we're "keepin' it real". I am thinking maybe I will start a new theme...I need a "Us in Real Life" label...completely unstaged, unfiltered moments. Sounds scary, huh? Maybe I will call it "Hollinhead Raw". A little too much???

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  1. look at you photographer! great pictures!! How did you do the black and white one with the flower still in color? love it and love the one with Irene holding up the flower!!