Saturday, April 23, 2011

Caterpillar Craziness

Abbie is going through a "caterpillar phase", if there is any such thing. We were getting an enormous amount of them on our plum tree in the front yard. I saw a few and told Abbie about them, because I thought she could have fun picking them off, and thereby saving our future plums. Win, win...right? She started out putting them in a mason jar.

We all soon realized that no mason jar was going to hold the volume of caterpillars she planned on farming, so I told her to put them in the watering can. Now, I think a fuzzy caterpillar is as cute as anyone does, but I must admit that when I see a swarm of 18 of them (yup, really 18 !) crawling around inside a watering can, I got a little creeped out. I am not really a "critter" person anyways, (just ask my kids how I feel about lizards and frogs) so I made sure Abbie knew to keep it outside! Sadly, the next day the caterpillar home was littered with caterpillar corpses, but one lucky fella did make his way into the spout to build a cocoon.

Irene is very concerned that the emerging butterfly is going to be kicking himself (if butterflies could kick themselves) when he realizes that he has wedged himself into a great tightness (as Pooh Bear would say). We hope he can make it out, we will keep you updated! (I know you're on the edge of your seat!)

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