Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Explorations in Antiquity

It seems like the field trips that I dread the most (and I dread most of them, because I am a crusty old curmudgeon) are the ones that turn out to be the most fantastic. This holds true for our field trip, organized through Veritas, to the Explorations in Antiquity Center in Lagrange. I dreaded it... because it was a Saturday; because it was so far away; because gas is so expensive; because I knew I would have to pack us a picnic lunch; am I starting to sound really lazy? I will stop there. I will just say, it is a really neat place with great exhibits, but most impressive was the guide that walked us through the exhibits. He was not only knowledgeable, but his enthusiasm for helping others better understand the context of God's Word was captivating.
Here is a replica of a crane that would have been used to build Herod's palace, stone by stone:

A grain silo like what would have been used during the famine in Egypt when Joseph's brother's came to him for help:

A battlement on top of a tower that was used as a defense against enemies:

My little wanna-be Isrealite tent-dwelling butter churner:

A real, authentic "hedge of protection"...looks quite safe for a sheep, doesn't it?

A cross that is as authentic as they think they can get to one like Christ would have been crucified on:

A well, just because it has a real rooster on it (the very same rooster that attacked and pecked Abbie on the back when she would not stop bugging him later. Add roosters to her list of odd phobias.):

Will post soon on the Seder meal...

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