Monday, April 25, 2011

Gifts 36-43

36~ Squash plants that really came up this year!

37~ Making a little progress getting some household projects done...Matthew scrubbed down the front porch and painted the railing this week!

38~A beautiful day on Easter Sunday, spent relaxing with the kids and soaking up the fact that our Lord is risen, and has forever conquered death and the grave!

39~ "Momma Marigold" (Abbie named her) has a great big bloom!

40~ Carefree days at the playground, so mommy can actually finish my Bible study reading!

41~ Great friends to share a Good Friday meal with, hugs all around! (Didn't notice until Irene showed me, her & Grant are hugging in the background, didn't even see it when I took the picture!)

42~ Driving home from a fun flashlight egg hunt for the youth of our church on Saturday night, I passed this gorgeous sunset.

43~ Had to come back and add one more gift so that I could mention, my friend Carri let me leave ALL of the kids at the flashlight egg hunt (which explains why I could stop to see, or even notice a sunset!). I spent 2 glorious hours in quiet, which made me all the more thankful for the hugs I got when I came back to pick them all up!

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