Monday, August 22, 2011

Gifts 94-103

So many things to be thankful for, that I can only scratch the surface...

94~ new jobs, new homes, new starts for friends!

95~ meeting with the elders of my church, who let me spill my guts and still did not look at me like I was crazy. Thank you, God, for men who are still willing to serve the church and all of the crazy people in it.

96~ half-price root beer floats on Tuesday night...stopped and had some with the kiddos for no reason at all.

97~ a few minutes of total stillness, silence and solitude in the sanctuary. (I stopped in to drop something off and it was so peaceful I had to sit a minute).

98~ the good friends that God has put in my children's lives. Praying for one good friend her age for Irene right now.

99~ Matthew's successful 13th birthday party, complete with some of those good friends.

100~ a visit to the dentist that didn't turn out as bad as I dreamed last night, and people were actually friendly!

101~ maybe one of the last visits to the pool with friends for the season, and their good conversation. (Thank you Jess and Jess !)

102~ a morning out with Irene, who went to the dentist with me before we wandered around Target for a while.

103~ Classical Conversations starting tomorrow, looking forward to a new year of homeschooling!!

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