Monday, August 15, 2011

Gifts 86-93

86~ the sound of the dryer running...doing work while I am not.

87~ the cooler temperatures today that made it feel like fall may still be coming after all.

88~ provision, just in time.

89~ actually making progress in small bits, getting my paperwork monster organized. Thanks to Jessica, I'm setting up a very handy notebook that she calls an HMG (not sure what that stands for) but I call a TLILMMBMTWHN ("Too Late, I've Lost My Mind, But Maybe This Will Help" Notebook)

90~ my snug little home.

91~ outrageously big and weird looking moths that we keep seeing everywhere, and keep getting a good laugh from. (It does not take much to entertain this crew.) Has anyone else seen strange looking moth / butterflies around? They look normal at first until you look closer and see their bodies are built like a Mack truck. Crazy. And funny when you're bored.

92~ my sweet daughter-in-law who sends me pictures of the cutest baby in the world to brighten up my day! Love you, Abby!

93~ answers to prayers. Including the answers that are still on the way. I can't wait to see what you'll do, God!


  1. laughed out loud for your #89! I will be gathering my book together soon too! And #86...YES! Me too!!

  2. love #89..home management guide...but i like your name better!!

    #86 would mean i would have had to wash some clothes but we have seen the that state, they look like the big fat caterpillar from eric carle..i imagined they would form into mac trucks.