Friday, February 25, 2011

Paint Has Been Purchased!!! (Gift 24)

Glory be, praise and hallelujah, the paint, rollers, brushes, pans, painters tape, spackle & putty knives are all sitting in the back of my van, just waiting for the weekend to officially get here! My poor kitchen has been waiting many months to get the attention it deserves. I started a job that I could not finish back in October, I think it was, when I put the primer on the walls. Well, by now of course the primer has spaghetti sauce splotches and chunks of mysterious substances on it, but it's nothing my putty knife can't fix! (Can you FEEL my enthusiasm?) This is a HUGE gift, I am so excited. I will not be posting "before" pictures, because NOBODY wants to see that, but I will be posting "afters"! Hopefully the afters will come sooner, rather than later!

1 comment:

  1. So exciting!! We are painting our kitchen today too! Three years after we started. Yay for painted kitchens! (Mine also has gross stuff on the walls. Let's call it "lived in")