Monday, February 7, 2011

Gifts 17-22

I just realized that Mondays are the only days I seem to post anything anymore, and that they are all about the "gifts" ! I guess it is because every time I go to use my camera lately to snap up a picture of some "Kodak Moment", there are no batteries in it because somebody (Matthew) stole them to put them in the Wiimote. I truly don't understand how he can think playing Smackdown on the Wii comes anywhere near the importance of my being able to chronicle our happy, joyful, peaceful, loving, enriching (only in the photographs) homeschool days, but alas, he does it to me every time. So until I remember to get some new rechargeables, I guess my thankful list will have to do.

~those really yummy cinnamon biscuits I made this morning that were WAY easier than I expected.

~ Irene & Matthew playing checkers, now that Irene's tooth has stopped bleeding from when she whacked her face on Abbie's head this afternoon.

~ a note from my best friend since high school and sister-in-law, sister-in-Christ that encouraged me when I started out my day feeling kind of dreary and lonely. How thankful I am for the amazing people that God has put in my life!

~ Abbie's questions...she is so FULL of them, especially when I am trying to read aloud to the kids. She interrupts to ask things like "If you fall down and land on your eyeballs, what would happen?" and, "If a lightbulb breaks will it fill the room with poison and we all die?" and "If I rub my tongue on my gums long enough will it put a hole in them?" It makes read aloud time a little tedious but her questions always make me smile! (Unless it is the 5th time she has interupted in one paragraph. Any thoughts on how to curb this would be greatly appreciated!!)

~ My Rachel, sitting behind me folding clothes, without being asked. I could never deserve to have a daughter like her, she is a gift to me.

~Hooray for Matthew, he finally got the Boy Scout Promise and the Boy Scout Law memorized. YAY!

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