Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All About Spelling

I do not post very often about our homeschooling curriculum. Before blogging, I never really talked about it much either. I just assumed that nobody would really be interested, since I am not producing any child prodigies over here in my tiny corner of Georgia. I also worry too much sometimes over offending others who are not big fans of homeschooling, which is something that I have worried less and less about in recent years. I have become much more secure in our choice over the years, and rest in knowing that God will lead us in the right choices for our family. Although it has taken me quite some time, I finally feel very confident that what we are doing is "legitimate", regardless of what the majority of the population may think about it! I have babbled too long, I only meant to say that even though I love to try new curriculum, I have found one thing that I know I want to stick with throughout the years, and it is "All About Spelling". I only wish that it had been available many years ago. There is such a plethora of curriculum available now, that it can be absolutely overwhelming to try and wade through the choices. (Walk through the curriculum hall at a homeschool convention and you will quickly understand!)

All About Spelling is great because it covers all years of spelling, it really serves double duty as a phonics/ reading program because it covers all the phonics rules but in a very painless way, it is very hands on and multisensory (unusual for a spelling program!), and it does not require any advance lesson planning for mom. Basically, after you do the initial set up which includes putting some cards in a filebox and putting magnets on the back of letter tiles, it is a "pick-up-and-go" program. Irene and Abbie love doing it because they love moving the letter tiles around on the whiteboard, and not even Matthew complains about it. It is said to be for ages from preschool on up through middle school. I am using it with Matthew as a remedial program, because I think he could benefit from the thoroughness of it. Last but not least, for those who are inclined, it fits very well with the classical education model.

The one drawback is that it is a bit pricey to get started, BUT, after the first purchase you should only need the next level books which is pretty reasonable. Keep in mind that you can re-use with subsequent children, and they resell quickly and at a good price. If you might be interested, feel free to check them out through my link. Well there you have it, my very first ever, unofficial curriculum review ! : )

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  1. I wanted to use All About Spelling but found out about it too late. It sounds like a great program!