Monday, January 24, 2011

Gifts #9-12

After a morning where my old habits died hard, and I wasted an hour on the computer while my kids started their day off on the wrong foot and without me, I got up from the computer feeling grouchy, and irritated with my kids and (much more so) with myself. I quickly remembered why I had set my mind to developing that new habit in the morning, Scripture, prayer and breakfast together, to start our day off right. When we don't do that, I feel like I have lost the battle before I begin. Kids are scattered everywhere plugged into various media without even checking with me first, dirty dishes are stacked on the counter, and general mayhem prevails. (Mike & I love those car insurance commercials with the guy who calls himself "Mayhem"...the one where he jogs in tight shorts, or where he is texting like a teenaged girl...Well, we have a joke that Mayhem lives here, at the Hollinhead Penitentiary. Mike often jokes when he calls on the phone that the background noise sounds like a penitentiary, and Mayhem has broken out. I digress...)

That is how my day started, but it is not how my day ended, thankfully. The Lord in His mercy, woke me up to the fact that I am blessed in so many ways. Here are but just a few more...

#9 my marriage. Though it is far from perfect or even ideal, I know my hubby loves me. He tells me many, many times each day. Sometimes I even find myself thinking maybe he says it too much, and then I am reminded to be thankful, there are many women who would love to hear those words from their man every day.

#10 the internet. Though I abuse it, I am still so thankful for this amazing tool that allows me to scoop deals, find info and blog to myself and my 4 or 5 friends ; ).

#11 mayhem. Though the penitentiary effect may not be what I am going for, I love the sounds of life that are the constant backdrop to my life. There is nothing that compares to the sweet, contented feeling I get when I hear my kids laughing uncontrollably at something together. Of course, more often than not the mayhem is of a more combative nature, but it all goes with the territory, ya know?

#12 Abbie asking for her hair to put put in ponytails 5 different ways (literally) before she was satisfied with her "do".

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