Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Four Snow Days!!

I don't think I ever would have believed, on Sunday night, that the snow we were about to get would result in four whole days of down time. I am NOT complaining, mind you, because it gives me an excuse to be "relaxed", shall we say, in my homeschooling approach this week!!! Our activities this week could not, even in the loosest meaning of the word, be construed as "school". They were very fun days, though, and a great way to wrap up the holiday free time before heading back into a time of knuckling down to do a bit more hard work. Some things we did:

~ lots of sliding down the driveway in the laundry basket
~monkey bread and hot cocoa
~a knockdown, drag-out snowball (ICEball!) fight
~a two day Monopoly marathon that included, lots of laughing, yelling, crying, whining, and fun (really it actually was fun!)
~reading most of the book "The Incredible Journey" aloud. This is the only thing that really was part of school work, we are finishing up learning about Canada. Sounds like fun, eh?
~made homemade pizza
~another (yes, another) batch of monkey bread
~ventured over to the neighbor's house across the street to see if they had better ice than we do
~more hot cocoa
~went to our friends' the Roells to play the "homeless orphan game" in their play log cabin. I think my girls may have possibly watched Love Comes Softly, Anne of Green Gables, Annie, and August Rush a few too many times with me.
~got out to go to ballet with our friends
~Abbie made a mahhvelous chocolate cake with Rachel

That is all, so far. Daddy has been gone all week long, because he couldn't get home from the train yard. He comes home tomorrow, so hopefully there will be some more laundry sled action tomorrow with him, if the ice doesn't melt too early.

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