Sunday, February 14, 2010


This Friday, we had more snow fall in Georgia than I ever remember in my twelve years of living here!And it was just the right kind, the heavy kind, perfect for making snowballs that give a satisfying "thunk" when you hit your target!
Matthew & Irene were the hardiest, they played in the snow all day, all evening until dark, and then got up and went back at it again in the morning. Abbie was not as crazy about the cold...that could be due to the fact that we were completely unprepared for snowy weather...her little hands were bright red after making 2 or 3 snowballs!
Overnight the temperatures went low enough that everything on the driveway turned to ice. Since our driveway is a steep hill, it made a perfect slope for a boy to fly down in a laundry basket!!
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  1. you didn't TELL me you had a blog! so, i did a little investigating and i found it on my own! sneaky, very sneaky!

  2. oops I answered you on facebook...I am very new at it so most of it looks sloppy, I am still figuring it out (how to make the photos & text come out like I want them to, and I am not doing well so far!! ; )

  3. I like the laundry basket - we added you to the "what we read" list on our family blog...