Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Winter Break

This week all of the schools are out on winter break, so I decided that we needed a break, too. So, we have been pretty much just goofing off this week. Abbie spent a LOT of time chopping up zucchini with a butter knife. (The butter knife accounts for the large amount of time with little results!) Matthew had his buddy Noah spend the night, here they are getting ready for Smackdown... (pause: another case of a mom getting soft and lacadaisical over the years. If anyone had ever told me that I would have a child that liked professional wrestling (I am not talking about real wrestling here, I am talking about the kind where grown men parade around in teeny underwear looking really angry and sweaty, and throwing chairs around) I would have NEVER believed it. I would have said that no child of mine would ever watch that garbage. Yet, here I am. With an 11 year old boy who LOVES wrestling. Really? How did this happen? God broke the mold after that boy. And I guess it just doesn't seem important anymore. Now I just smile and say "Don't throw each other off the top bunk bed, boys" Yep, I've gone soft.) Irene and Rachel have been around too, just hangin' out! So, that's our winter break. Some folks like Disney World, but us Hollinheads, we just hang around and wrestle!!!!


  1. love it! laughing as I read...glad ya'll had a nice break this week..oh and I like Hullabaloo..I think that's alliteration.

  2. THAT's it! Alliteration,thanks Jess! : )