Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plans for next school year...

I don't know if this is the case with most home schoolers, or if I am just really peculiar. One of my favorite things about homeschooling is daydreaming about what we might do next! As I think about and evaluate what is going on this year, I feel very happy and blessed. Rachel is thriving at Veritas, Matthew is catching up on much needed skills in areas where he had fallen behind (a grateful shout-out to Mrs Harman!) , and Irene & Abbie are happily learning mostly through our everyday activities and "living books". Irene is coming slow and steady on her reading, and getting through her math just fine. I am happy this year, which allows me to daydream all the more about next year! I had already decided that it will look different from this year, because unless the Lord directs me differently, I do not think Matthew will be at Veritas next year. It has been such a wonderful year of progress for him so far, but I am really am feeling the "calling" so to speak to cut back and simplify, for reasons like finances, time, and emotional energy. I would like to refocus our direction toward home again, and put my greatest efforts in there. I have decided on doing a year of "traveling" around the world via an extended unit study on geography. Irene is unusually interested in the Holy Land (for a six year old!) so we will incorporate that into the mix, along with studies of a few countries on each continent. I will springboard as many subjects as I can off of that...I hope to read many missionary biographies, folktales and the like. I will incorporate our science into the geography by studying earth science, weather and habitats along with the corresponding lands. It isn't all firm in my mind yet, but we are getting there. Now, whether or not my aspirations will come to fruition is another matter. Usually my daydreams look so much prettier than real life in the trenches! But these are books I hope to use next year. I was able to get them for a song in a scratch & dent sale, yippee!


  1. though I am not officially a homeschooler yet, the most exciting part to me is the endless possibilities of what we might do. I love that I can cater to whatever it seems my child most needs at that point. Glad you are so excited for the coming year!! And love getting books for a bargain:)

    Oh, I would love to look at "Honey for a Child's Heart." I have heard great things about it.

  2. So exciting...I got excited reading that! haha, what fun to be able to do that and exercise your creativity. Sounds wonderful!!

  3. You are a homeschooler, Laura Beth! You have been homeschooling since Ada was born! : ) Thanks Jessica...One of the things I forgot to mention as one of the reasons for having Matthew working at home is because we can all be working on the same topic, just at different depths, I am so excited about that. I just want you to know that it has been SO good for him to be at Veritas, and God really blessed us with having you for a teacher!