Monday, March 8, 2010

A Downward Spiral

It all started out so wholesome and innocent...we were reading aloud Misty of Chincoteague, when Irene got the idea that she would get her two little "horsies" which, I must admit, bear a little resemblance to Phantom and Misty. It is strange enough that this turned into a photo-op, but wait, there's more!

Irene then also decided that since she found the horsies, she also needed to be in the picture, in order to get proper credit for her find. Abbie will not be excluded, so she makes her appearance here, too. We have, however, run into a problem. Irene can not keep her eyes open when the flash goes off. I have (literally) upwards of 25 pictures that look quite similar to the one above as we snapped picture after picture, trying to get just one of Irene with her eyes open. Well, the silliness escalated....

...which meant that Matthew needed to get in on the fun. He gave the foal some mandarin oranges in her "trough", while Irene tried desperately to prop her eyelids open as she got sillier and goofier by the second!

Well, by this time the whole thing has degenerated (for me) into a maddening attempt to get a nice sweet picture, and a free-for-all good time for the kids! I, in my frustration, chunk the camera onto the couch and say, "Are we going to read the story or what ! ? " I sure know how to wreck all the fun ! :)

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  1. wow! I can't even describe how hard this made me laugh! I miss you guys and love you soo much.