Friday, March 25, 2011

A Trip to Greenville, and Gifts #33-35

I seem to be getting in a habit of letting the week get away from me and then making a mad-dash flurry of scribbling down what I can remember of it on my blog. Unfortunately I will end up skipping the important things this way, but at least I will get some of it down! Hoping to keep up with it better next week, but if not....well, life goes on. SO here is last week in speed-reading format:

Abbie got sick, went to the doctor early Monday morning so that we could still go on the trip to Aunt Karen's. It turned out that she had a double ear infection. Went home, finished packing, went to Publix where I had to buy a giant styrofoam Crimson Tide cooler and huge bag of ice just to hold a teeny bottle of amoxicillin. Got on the road, made it to Aunt Krinny's (Krinny is the nickname everyone calls my sister Karen) safely (that's Gift #33). Goofed around in Aunt Krinny's yard.

There is just something about hanging around Aunt Krinny that brings out the very silly side of all of us!

Abbie was still sick:

Once Abbie felt better (gift # 34: antibiotics), we went to the mall. Aunt Krinny was amazed (and dare I say, disturbed?) that my kids have not been to the mall since the last time we visited her. We just don't do the mall. How sad for them.
They were so thrilled that they decided to pose as mannequins in the Coldwater Creek window:

We went to McDonald's for lunch, and then to the park to play on the playground:

We played lots (and LOTS ) cow racing on the Wii. I was very resistant to branch out from the cow game, but the kids did eventually convince me to try fishing and ping-pong. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have really used a Wii, even though we have had ours for a year and a half!
This is when I make my exit to go to the homeschool conference (which could be gifts # 35-50, but we will just say it is # 35). The kids continued to party down in ways that I will probably never know the full extent of, because that Aunt Krinny is a real wild card! (Aunt Krinny: loving my kids,ordering a 31 bag from my online party,sharing her Cokes with me: gift #36) I have heard, though, that they had a Just Dance dance-off,

went and bought a kiddie-pool to play in, and stayed up late to make s'mores.

Matthew had fun playing with my camera around the fire, maybe he has found a new creative outlet?

This has turned out to be much longer than a blog post should be. I have got to start keeping up!

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