Friday, March 11, 2011

A Recap

How to recap this week? Well, technically, this week and a half? I don't honestly know where to begin. Life is so action-packed these days. You know I always love to quote Ferris Bueller..."You blink, and you just might miss it." Rachel and I were talking about the same thing on the way to our Veritas graduation meeting. We were listening to that song by Revive, whose lyrics say something like"It happens in a blink, it happens in a flash, it happens in the time it takes to look back. We try to hold on tight but there's no stopping time, what is it I've done with my life?" Anyhoo, I digress. This week was slam full of happenings. Things to pray for. Bad news, sad news, the most joyful of news. Things to be thankful for.

I will start with March 3, Rachel's birthday:

We had just a small celebration at home. I am holding back on too much gushing about Rachel, because as I mentioned before, graduation is coming... 'nuff said.

March 5, 2011:
Beautiful baby Madison Renee was born!

My wonderful daughter-in-law Abby came through in tough, strong military-wife fashion and gave birth to my very first grandchild this week. To say this is a happy, sweet, exciting time for our family is such an understatement; we are so thankful that it wasn't too hard on Abby, that Maddie was born perfectly healthy, and that she has such loving and capable parents to take care of her and love her! (Maddie deserves a post all her own so that will be forthcoming!)

Children are starting to wake and to stir so I will sum up more quickly than planned: This week was full of heartache for friends with very sick children, news of cancer, frustration over not being able to visit Washington, spraying pipes, a round two for the Literary Tea at Veritas,

(only got one picture this year, it was a little crazy that day!)

and so many other things, that it has all become a blur. Getting back to the first part of this all flies by. In a blink. But day by day, God is making me more thankful, for the good but also for the bad. In ALL things we will worship Him, for there is no end to what He does to care for us, to nurture us, to teach us. With this in mind, I have some more gifts to thank Him for...

#25 that He answers prayers. That He bows down to hear even the prayers that we can only whisper.

#26 for beautiful, sweet, baby girls wrapped up in love.

#27 there are still people around who are compassionate, and are willing to cut you a great deal on a plumbing job!

#28 for a great school like Veritas, whose leaders and teachers are whole-heartedly, sold-out committed firstly to education centered on Christ, and secondly education that values some of those old paths that are "out of fashion".

#29 that the Lord is a comfort to those who are hurting, and that He knows how to take our hurt and worry from us even when we don't know how to give it up to Him.

#30 for amazing healthcare that allows us to know the nature of a problem within days, not weeks or months as it is in some parts of the world.

#31 Walks with my kids

#32 Flowers on the windowsill, freshly picked (from the neighbor's tree, haha!) by Irene.

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