Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother- Daughter Banquet

A good friend recently invited me to go with her to the mother-daughter banquet that her church was putting on to raise funds for the mission trip to Honduras that her daughter will be going on. Her older daughters are friends of Rachel's, and her younger daughter is a sweet little carrot-top that both Irene and Abbie just love to tag along with. It seems that they just skip and sing everywhere they go when all three are together!

It is so nice that Abbie is getting a bit older now, and she can participate in events like this, and it is suddenly like having a "person" along, not a baby to tend to. I know that sounds negative, but I really just mean that I am enjoying this new phase with no babies, although I do miss it occassionally!
It is also hard to believe that Rachel is nearly grown up, she really enjoys doing mother / daughter kind of things with me, and this just makes me so happy! She has two very sweet friends in Candace and Melissa. (Melissa, in the center, is the one going on the missions trip.)
A fun time with good food was had by all!
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