Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memory Lane

I love this picture, and let me tell you why. It isn't because we look particularly perky, or exceptionally exuberant, or any such superficial is because it was a real and true, and very emotional moment. My aunt & uncle (my dad's brother and sister) came to visit us back in March of this year, as they try to do every year. This time, my aunt had gathered some old photos that she thought I would like to have of my dad and my mom. I wasn't expecting it, and I am still amazed at how quickly the tears come when I am not prepared for seeing my dad's face.

The picture above was taken just as I was about to open up the following pictures:

Dad in Army boot camp, around 1955

My mom ( rt ctr) and dad (rt) on the beach with some friends on a double date:

And my mom and dad at their engagement party, in 1954:

I am so thankful and happy to have these photos, they will be keepsakes forever to hand down to my children and their children. When I look at my parents' happy young faces, it strikes me that they don't know that they will have ten children, and they don't know that they will tragically lose one. They don't know any of the joys or the sorrows that await them, just as none of us do. Thank God that He is beside us through them all. So although it was an emotional "moment", it was not necessarily a sad parents have given me a lifetime of love, and though I miss my dad's presence in our lives I believe I will see him again. And my mom still has the same beautiful, sweet, joyful smile, and any time I am down she has the remarkable ability to lift me up. Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful parents you gave me!
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