Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer 2012: Highs & Lows

This summer was a strange one, I have to say.  I would say it has been a tough one. Sometimes I think we roll along through life, constantly dealing with the next issue at hand and it is not until there is a lull when we can pause to look back that we have a a sense of realization about all that just happened. Life demands a lot from us, but thankfully the Lord is always there to supply.  He supplies strength to move through loss and sorrow, He supplies endurance to make cross country treks, He supplies joy to laugh, sometimes literally, through tears.  Here is a brief recap of our summer this year...

Matthew went to Cumberland Island with Scouts,

Irene had her first violin service performance (at a nursing home), we swam a whole lot with friends at the pool,  we went swimming with friends over Memorial Day

Matthew went to Powertime Camp in SC for his fourth year

and while he was there, the girls and I got to hang out with Aunt Krinny and do some fun things like catch fireflies

go to a children's museum
and go to some beautiful parks.

We had yet another awesome Vacation Bible School at church,

I went whitewater rafting (for the first time ever!) with friends from church,

Irene & Abbie went to "Little House on the Prairie Camp" for the first time, where they cooked, crafted and learned school lessons just like back in "olden days"...  Matthew turned FOURTEEN  and had some friends over to celebrate in his big kid fashion, and the only picture I managed to get was of his cake (an X Box).

My amazing friends threw me a surprise 40th birthday party (the only picture I have from it is this, taken from Mike's camera on his phone...I know it seems a little self centered to post a picture of myself at my party, but it's the only one I have! (It was an 80's theme, and they did such a great job!)

So many good memories, but in the midst of all of that good are some things that rocked my world.  Namely, my brother Mike was hit by a car and killed on May 18th.  I can't pay Mike a just tribute here.  He was such a unique person that I don't know how to express or convey who he was in typeface on a blog. I will try on another day.  More on that tomorrow...

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