Monday, April 16, 2012

Gifts #160- 164

160 & 161~ a good friend, upon hearing my complaints about too much to do and a lack of time, suggested that I read chapter four of One Thousand Gifts. I did read it and I feel, for the moment at least, like a huge weight is lifted and I am inspired again to take up my God-given challenges and embrace them, to HIS glory. So I am thankful both for your friendship, Laura, and for chapter four.

162~ hearing no sounds (before any children have woken up) except the quiet hum of the refrigerator and birds singing outside (and someone is snoring).

163~ The challenge of Elizabeth Eliot to "Wherever you are, be all there". This is so hard for me, as I think about all of the times even in the last day or two alone that I have half-heartedly listened while Irene told me that her tooth finally came out, or Rachel told me what happened at her babysitting job. I am only half-there most of the time, and this quote is convicting to me. I pray that God will bring it to mind when I drift away from what is important.

164~ Michael, Abby & Madison over on a Sunday afternoon for grilling out hamburgers, blowing bubbles and strawberry shortcake.


  1. Hey Mary,
    Could I borrow this book when you are finished with it????

  2. This encouraged me this morning. Thank you.