Sunday, July 4, 2010

Veritas Graduation '10

This year I was so happy to go to my second Veritas graduation ceremony (the first one was Michael's graduation). Both times that I have gone I have left more inspired and encouraged than when I came in.

As I watched the graduates and listened to what their parents shared about their lives with these students I felt truly honored to be there, and to be part of a school like Veritas.

I have known Bethani (above) since she was just barely old enough to babysit, and yet now she has grown into a lovely and mature young woman. As I listened to her dad talk about how quickly she had grown, I relived Michael's leaving home, and wondered what it will feel like next spring as I say those things about Rachel?

I know it is trite, cliche, and all the rest...but my, how time flies!!
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